Comprehensive Mind & Body Healing

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Psychotherapy helps you learn how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situation with healthy coping skills.


Our Coaches work with adults and children with a variety of health and emotional issues to assist in promoting health behavior changes that maximize health and well-being.


We offer individual acupuncture treatments, Reiki, and a variety of guided Yoga Classes that help the body’s ability to heal and release tension.


Health and Nutrition, Stress and Pain Management and Wellness Seminars are just a few of the topics we bring to your organization.

Your One Stop for Whole Mind + Body Healing

Treating the mind and the body together is the most effective and efficient treatment plan. Every cell, system, and organ in our body is part of a well-oiled machine that affects our health and wellness. It is crucial that an integrated approach be used to help our clients resolve issues and stay as healthy as possible. Over the course of more than 20 years in practice, I have seen life-changing effects when treating the mind and body together.

I look forward to providing a peaceful, restorative center for the people of Olney, MD and surrounding communities. The professionals at Flourish are here to help you feel your best.

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Flourish offers a variety of workshops designed by our holistic practitioners that will help you achieve your emotional and physical health goals. Take the time to nurture yourself, learn a new skill, improve your ability to manage symptoms, or simply have fun. 

Enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating yoga classes with our yoga instructors. Attend a class on meditation and other mind-body techniques taught by our professional therapists and practitioners. Health care should be grounded in self-care practices.


Client Testimonials

Weekly Mindful Art Classes

I have been attending weekly Mindful Art Classes for over a year at Flourish and have enjoyed every minute of it! In addition, I have attended a few of their Free Wellness Wednesday workshops and evening Move My Chi Classes. I’ve learned a lot about Mind/Body/Spirit wellness and have integrated it into my everyday life. The people I have met in the workshops and the staff have all enriched my life in many ways. Flourish is a warm, welcoming, safe place. I highly recommend exploring all they have to offer!Read More

I’ve been Marcia Welch’s Reiki client for several years. She has amazing insight and talent; a true healing gift. I’m always impressed how good I feel after one of her Reiki sessions. I’m so glad she’s sharing this healing at Flourish now since it’s closer to my home!Read More

Andrea Lopes has created a safe and welcoming ,healing environment for her clients and community . Her group.of practicioners bring various modalities to this integrative practice . I have recently attended a workshop taught by Andrea and found her to be very knowledgeable and caring
In addition to standard counseling , Andrea has brought in wholistic therapies which really address mind, body and spirit.
I have also given a workshop at Flourish on my skill of Feng Shui and Sacred Space, which is just one example of how Flourish brings in facets of the community collaboration.Read More

I’ve been attending various groups and counseling sessions through this place and I always come out the other side better for it. Andrea in particular has always been a great friend of the family and gives wonderful advice.Read More

Flourish Counseling & Wellness is a wonderful place, full of healing energy. Andrea Lopes is a wonderful therapist, and has made a big impact on the lives of many of my patients. Their space is beautiful & you will feel right at home. Highly recommend!Read More

I cannot thank this center enough for their support and their expertise. I’ve undergone Reiki treatments and attended many classes here, and the staff is very knowledgeable! Highly recommended!Read More

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