$1,100 Donated to Not In Our Town Olney, Brookeville, Sandy Spring

At Flourish we believe in giving back to our community. We have partnered with Not In Our Town, Olney, Brookeville Sandy Spring. Their mission is to work with the community to raise awareness about bullying and racism in our community. It is our passion to work with organizations that support our community. We had a jewelry fundraiser , with hand-made vintage jewelry designed by Fran Simons, Creating for a Cause in May and were able to donate $1100 to NIOTOBS so they can continue the important work they do. Please see the beautiful letter from Melanie Cort, a bright passionate young lady.
Letter from Melanie Cort, NIOTOBSS
My mother and coworker, Jen Cort, the entire Not In Our Town team and I are all extremely appreciative of the gift given to us by the Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center team. We have had the honor and privilege to work with both Andrea Lopes and Fran Simons, two awe-inspiring women doing incredible things. This past weekend, we got together one more time to receive a gift of more than one thousand dollars from the pair, which was produced from a show and sale of Fran’s gorgeous handmade jewelry. The team of Not In Our Town, Olney, Brookeville, and Sandy Spring, which is a local branch of an international anti-bullying and anti-racism organization, will not let such extreme efforts go to waste. We plan on using this generous funding to create a day-long leadership and activism workshop showcase, focusing on implementing these skills with school-aged kids. Based off of all the devastating news constantly being broadcasted to some simple, hate-filled interactions that happen every day, we see no better time to teach the next generation how to become the leaders we need. We wish to showcase the talents of activist individuals and groups, some of which being the Flourish team themselves. The conference will be free for all kids and we are hoping to launch it sometime this upcoming November. The donation will be spent towards supplying food and drinks for the attendees, as well as the creation of our unmistakable navy blue T-shirts. Updates to this event and others will be posted on our website, NIOTOBSS addition, the Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center can be found at their website www.flourishcounselingandwellness.com Again, we are extremely grateful to this extraordinary group of people and we hope to work with them and the community as a whole more in the future!
Our next fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday, October 18th from 4-9 pm at Flourish. The event will feature hand made vintage jewlerly made by Fran Simons with Creating for a Cause The proceeds from this event will be donated to Suicide Resistance Foundation.

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