Are you upset, have anxiety? These techniques help manage intense emotions.

Don’t let anxiety keep you from flourishing.


Look for the Hearts….. by Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C

One of the most common issues I deal with as a therapist is helping people change their negative thinking.  As humans, we are wired to negative input more easily than positive.  This most likely evolved for a good reason—to keep us out of harm’s way. From the beginning of human history, our survival depended on our ability to avoid danger. The

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Bumper Sticker Motto By: Kathi Doan, Registered Yoga Teacher Personal Trainer

Bumper Sticker Motto As a personal trainer, I have heard the sharpness of “I should” stated time and again. Clients say, “I should exercise more; I should eat less!” Others will ask, “How many crunches, squats, lunges…should I do and should I do them everyday?”A personal motto of mine is: I Could. “I could” sounds softer than “I should” As in,

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About Reiki….. by Marcia Welch, Reiki Master Practitioner

  About Reiki … As a Reiki practitioner, I often am asked about the practice. Although becoming more mainstream—a number of hospitals now make it available to patients—Reiki does not lend itself to a simple explanation. As I understand it, Reiki is conscious energy that is provided through a hands-on healing technique. Some would say that Reiki has been shown

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My Imperfect Holiday Season

It has been a very difficult year for my family. As a family and individually, we have faced some very tough challenges, changes, and painful experiences. Usually, when I write about my children, I point out how wonderful they are, the things they have accomplished, and that I think they are the best kids a mother could ask for. And

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