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Instructors: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C and Frandi Mars, LCSW-C
Cost: $175/person for 4 weeks

This group session will cover:

  • The Science of Weight Loss & Why It’s Not Your Fault.
  • Understand your susceptibility to binge eating and food addiction.
  • What the 5-basic cause of food addiction (sugar, leptin/insulin, emotions, candida, and neurotransmitter imbalance.)
  • Mind/Body Techniques for healthy eating including, meditation, guided imagery, visualization, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and more.
  • Using Affirmations and increasing self-love.

Nutrition Detectives

Instructor: Frandi Mars, Frandi Mars, Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, LCSW-C
Cost: $140

The Nutrition Detectives Program will teach school age children 4th – 6th grade the importance of a healthy diet and its impact on their health. They will be motivated to learn how to be “Clued-in” to health and will teach them 5 clues to make sense of the information presented on food packaging. It will teach them valuable lessons on the importance of eating well and the practical skills needed to identify and choose nutritious foods. They will learn how to understand nutrition labels on the food packages and see past the deceptive marketing claims. At the end of the workshop your child will become a Certified Nutrition Detective.

Taking Back Your Health – Using Food as Medicine

Instructor: Frandi Mars, Frandi Mars, Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, LCSW-C
Cost: $35 per session

Are you suffering with unrelenting health issues? Are you experiencing poor energy, anxiety, depression, joint pain, digestive issues, feel like you are aging way too fast, and have “Feel like Crap Syndrome” (Dr. Mark Hyman’s label) Are you seeking out medical care but are not getting your health back? In this hour presentation you will learn about the potential causes of your symptoms and what action steps you can take towards your path of wellness and how to take back your health naturally.

Feeding our Children – Our Most Asset

Instructor: Frandi Mars, Frandi Mars, Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach, LCSW-C
Cost: $35 per session

What’s REALLY in the food we are feeding children and why does it matter? What constitutes a healthy diet? Are you aware of what’s going on with our food supply? After leaving this presentation, you will leave with the knowledge of how to best feed your children, so they remain healthy and function at their highest potential. With all the changes going with our food supply, you will want to familiarize yourself with the truth about our food.

When your child gets diagnosed with special needs – Now what?

Facilitator: Frandi Mars, LCSW-C
Cost: $35 per session

While it’s extremely important to be familiar with world of special education and beneficial resources for you and your child, no one talks about the emotional aspects of having a child diagnosed as “special needs.” From not only a professional prospective of the steps of grief parents go through, the presenter will discuss her own personal story of having a child with special needs and how she has navigated all the ups and downs that comes with a ‘diagnosis.’[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Mindfulness and Wellness Techniques”]Emotional Well-Being Through Essential Oils, Yoga and Tapping

Instructors: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C and Kathi Doan, RYT 200
Cost: $35/person

In this 1 ½ hour workshop you will cultivate a self- help toolbox which promotes emotional health and wellbeing:
Learn yoga poses aligned with balancing and centering the mind-body-spirit

Learn how essential oils are used for a vast range of emotional wellness applications

8 Week Mindfulness Program for Teens ages 13-16

Instructor: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C
Cost: $280 for 8 weeks

This program will help teens learn simple yet effective mindfulness practices. Teens will use the techniques of mindfulness to intentionally focus awareness and observations of their own emotions and behaviors from moment to moment. Teens will learn how to accept all emotions, to let go of negative self-judgements, the differences between helpful and unhelpful ways to cope with stress, methods for doing tasks/homework mindfully, strategies for mindful stopping/taking time before reacting, and the differences between self-care and being selfish.

8 Week Mindfulness Program for Adults

Instructor: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C
Cost: $280 for 8 weeks

This program will introduce you to the principals of mindfulness and how to incorporate them into your daily life. You will learn specific meditation and mindfulness practices and will be given a practice manual and guided meditations to use at home. The benefits of this practices is improved concentration, enhanced well-being, and having a better sense of balance in your life. Many scientific research studies have suggested that there are many physical health benefits to mindfulness practice.

Yoga Reset

Instructor: Amy Branson, RYT
Cost: $15 per class or $72 for 6 classes
Sundays 9:30 am – 10:45 am and Fridays 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm

Through body awareness, simple and no-threatening yoga postures, and mindfulness strategies, this class will provide skills to use at home and at work to feel stronger, more grounded and at ease in your body. No yoga experience is necessary.

Yoga for Restful Sleep

Instructor: Kathi Doan, RYT
Cost: $35

Quieting, calming, relaxing postures and poses suitable for all levels. These poses will help you become more physically and mentally relaxed to help you sleep better. No yoga experience is necessary.

Yin Yoga

Instructor: Kathi Doan, RYT
Cost: $20

An hour and a half focused on opening deep connective tissue.

Yoga for Tight Hips

Instructor: Kathi Doan, RYT
Cost: $35

A workshop focused on creating length in co reacted muscles such as IT bands and hamstrings while opening your hips, releasing hip flexes and providing flexibility and fluidity for the spine. Suitable for all levels and intended to help with chronic tightness and lower body flexibility.

Grief Yoga

Instructor: Kathi Doan, RYT
Cost: $35

Grief involves a complex relationship between body and mind. Yoga is a compassionate, powerful tool to help heal and process loss and grief.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”THERAPEUTIC GROUPS”]

Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic groups may be covered by your insurance. Please call our office at 301-570-4050 or email us at to discuss participation in these groups.

Adult Groups

No More Limits

Facilitators: Lauren Riley, LCSW-C, Peter Riley, LGSW and Lauren Lieb, LCSW-C
Schedule: Bi-weekly from 1-2 pm

Three months of bi-weekly sessions for 18-24-year-old young men who are struggling to set goals, have challenges with motivation, quality relationships and similar issues.

Mid-Life Women’s Group

Facilitator: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C

The Mid-Life Women’s Group provides a safe, supportive environment to discuss the issues that we all struggle with in our lives. Some of these issues are: defining ourselves (lifestyle, goals, values, and priorities), relationships with partners and others, career/work, money, mental and physical health, aging, and loss. Group therapy provides an opportunity to learn and apply relationship skills, anxiety reduction techniques and other coping mechanisms. Through sharing our life experience, we learn that our problems are not unique, and that we can both give and receive support. This group is designed for women over 40.

Child/Adolescent Groups

Grief Group

Facilitator: Aleeza R. Michael, MSW, LGSW

A Grief Group will be offered to children ages 8-13 who have experienced the death of a parent or close loved one. During the six-week journey, Aleeza will provide her professional guidance to help your child through the grieving process in a healthy and productive way.  Each session will provide guidance in helping your child acknowledge and accept their loss, confront the pain, and develop positive memories of their loved one that will provide comfort. Overall, the main objective is to aid your child to understand and navigate through the stages of grief, while moving forward with their day-to-day activities.

Coping with Anxiety

Facilitators: Aleeza Michaels, LGSW, Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C

There will be a group for children ages 8-11 and a group for ages 12-14
This will be a series of group therapy sessions offered to children, ages eight to thirteen, who need more coping tools to manage their anxiety.  During these sessions, we will provide education around different symptoms and ways to prevent/treat anxiety.  Overall, the goal is to provide your child with tools to manage anxiety so that it does not interfere with school performance, social experiences, and other developmental opportunities

High School Anxiety and Social Skills Group: Co-Ed

This group is for high schoolers who are having trouble building or sustaining relationships, feel overwhelmed in social situations and experience generalized anxiety. This ongoing group will focus on the challenges of high school. We will discuss topics including: Building positive relationships, communication in challenging and everyday situations, building self-esteem, improving social skills in groups and individually, how to handle being bullied and a variety of other topics. This group will teach mindfulness strategies, CBT skills, coping techniques and techniques to help manage social interactions.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Essential Oils”]Introduction to Essential Oils

Facilitator: Franci Machado, Certified Aromatherapist
Cost: $35 which will include oils and materials to make your own blend

The use of essential oils has become more and more popular over recent years. This class will give insight and practical knowledge on how to how to begin your journey into the World of Aromatherapy.

In this class we will cover:

  • Beginnings of Aromatherapy
  • What Constitutes Aromatherapy
  • Learn what to look for when purchasing an essential oil
  • Get to know Essential Oils – hands on work
  • Make your own blend

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