Diane Gubisch, PH.D, OTR/L

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Our mission is to provide individuals the opportunity to live life to the fullest. We begin with a comprehensive therapeutic evaluation. If a caregiver or parent is involved, we prepare an outline of the physical and psychological goals along with instructions for implementing a full therapeutic program. Treatment frequency will depend upon need and follow up visits may be virtual.

Pediatric OT

OT for the pediatric client is provided in a loving and playful manner to capitalize on current abilities while providing opportunities for physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Diane is also an ADHD Certified Clinical Service Provider.

Pediatric Services Include:
Improving range of motion
Strengthening and Improving motor coordination
Play/educational activities
Sensory Integration
Home exercise program

Geriatric OT

OT for the geriatric client is based on the belief that age is a relative idea and you can be and do all you can at any age. Acknowledging that over time the human mind, body and spirit goes through tremendous challenges and losses but where there is life, there is hope. Everyone can be productive and provide a service to mankind. A comprehensive wellness program is developed following an in-home evaluation of physical, psychological, nutritional needs, cognitive functioning, social and environmental situation.

Geriatric Services Include:

In home safety evaluation
Activities of daily living
Improve coordination
Improving cognitive functioning
Therapeutic massage
Grief and anxiety counseling
Coping with chronic pain
Leisure activities
Home exercise program

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