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Many of us take pause at the beginning of each year to remind ourselves of what is important to us and what matters most in our lives.  We take time to set goals and resolutions that we hope will help us make changes that will enhance our lives.   Flourish has joined the Global Wellness Institutes program, The Wellness Moonshot. This is the first global commitment to eradicate preventable, chronic diseases.  The goal is to provide information and resources on a global scale and collaborate to share this information to accelerate the pace of change to achieve significant results.
The theme for January 2020 is EMERGE
We will participate through the Year of Inspiration Campaign:  Each month we will be highlighting a different wellness theme.  During the month, we will provide tips and information on our various social media platforms and through workshops and events.   The information and resources will help you take action around a wellness theme that supports living a healthy life.

The theme for January is EMERGE: “A verb that means both birth and creation. Emerging can also be non-physical, as our thoughts and ideas emerge in our minds, and feelings emerge in our hearts.”—Jessica Jesse, CEO & Creative Director, BuDhaGirl LLC
Please follow our social media accounts as we will post articles, videos and information that will give ideas and strategies that you can incorporate into your lives to support your journey to Let Your Wellness Flourish.

We hope you will join us this year as we focus on planting the seeds of wellness and watching them spread and grow. Wellbeing is a precious inner resource that we all have that must be fueled and tended.

May this new year bring you love and light to guide your path to a positive, healthy place.
The Flourish Team is here to support you!

Andrea Lopes
MSW, Integrative Life and Wellness Coach and Reiki Master

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