How to choose an essential oil brand? Franci Machado, Certified Aromatherapist

Beginning your journey with essential oils can be overwhelming.  Knowing which oils to choose, how to use them and where to buy them can confuse anyone.

Here are the top three things to look for when purchasing an essential oil:   

  1. Stick with companies who specialize in producing essential oils.   This also means avoid buying your oils from discount stores. Many companies do try to hop on the essential oil bandwagon and sell oils that are of sub-par quality. Stick with companies who mainly focus on essential oils.
  2. Reputable companies will have the Latin binomial (scientific) name for the oil on the bottle. For example, Roman Chamomile would list the Latin name as: Chamaemelum nobile.
  3. Check the bottle for sourcing information.  The bottle should tell you where it was sourced, meaning what part of the world it came from. If it’s not on the bottle it will be on the website. If they do not have a website or if you cannot obtain the information, it would be wise to not purchase that oil.

In addition to the above,  be aware that currently, there are no regulations on how an essential oil company labels or markets their oils. An example would be a company adding “fillers” or “cutting” an essential oil by adding a synthetic oil. If this happens, what you are applying to yourself could potentially cause an adverse skin reaction. Also, your experience with essential oils will be less than favorable as adulterated oils will not have the benefits that a quality essential oil would have, ultimately discrediting the use of essential oils. Reputable companies will adhere to the guidelines above & then some. I find that they do try to be as transparent as possible to the consumer.

The following essential oil companies meet the above guidelines:  Doterra, Pompeii, Rocky Mountain Oils,  and Lunaroma

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