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I have been a teacher and therapist for many years. I have degrees in clinical social work and education. I am also a lay Buddhist with years of practice. Through our work together, we engage in a cognitive exploration of the mind incorporating mindfulness and meditation. I call this Therapy with a Buddhist Bend.

The spiritual journey must be at the heart of our human existence. Why are you here? What is driving you to seek a different approach or answer to the concerns or difficulties in your own life? What is your story?

Explore the patterns and energies that drive your life! Mindfulness and meditation are one way to develop an awareness to understand, accept and integrate the different parts of your own story. Engage in a practice that will allow you to gain a better understanding of yourself. And finally integrate this awareness to change old patterns of holding into new possibilities for the future.

My clinical approach is based on a cognitive behavioral focus infused with a mindfulness component to help individuals and families. Meditation and mindfulness are critical in developing needed skills to make lasting changes. A cognitive behavioral approach coupled with meditation strategies are critical in helping individuals reduce stress and chronic activation to make lasting changes. Mindfulness and mediation are important strategies in creating awareness to the present moment. I encourage you to focus on the present moment rather than living in the past.

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