Massage Therapy: A Unique and Beneficial Experience, By Emily Counsellor LMT

When you think of massage therapy, do you think of a frivolous expense? Have you hesitated because you are unsure what to expect? Perhaps you took a chance and tried a massage and the experience was nowhere near what you were looking for. Let’s dispel some of the myths around massage therapy, shall we?

Massage therapy can be an intimidating venture because it requires vulnerability. All too often I hear that someone tried getting a massage, but it was an unpleasant experience. Part of this can be due to the business in which the massage is conducted, and other times the therapist and client are not a good match. Massage therapy is quite like handwriting- the principals of knowledge are the same but can be expressed differently by everyone. Some therapists are more medically oriented while others, like myself are more focused on the relaxation and rehabilitation of the full body.

Getting a massage can allow for a sacred healing space for 60 or 90 minutes where you can escape from the rest of the world and recharge your body. Any aches and pains that you have been feeling can be pinpointed and tended to, and the only responsibility the client has is to enjoy relaxation (and report on the pressure of course!). Massage improves circulation, increases metabolism, can improve quality and quantity of sleep, break up scar tissue from past surgeries or injuries, increase flexibility and skin elasticity. If you were waiting for an invitation, here it is! Book a massage with us at Flourish and see what we are all about!



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