who want you to flourish

Amy Branson / Yoga Instructor

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” -Brene Brown

Fifteen years ago I was struggling with a shoulder injury and facing surgery. Someone suggested I try yoga — something I would never have done unless desperate because 1) exercising in a group made me feel anxious and 2) exercising in general made me aware of a body that I didn’t particularly like.

At the first class I made sure the teacher understood I was only there for my shoulder and didn’t believe in or need all that mind and body connection stuff.

Not me, no way. But at the end of the hour and fifteen minutes, I noticed a few things. Even though I didn’t feel an immediate change in my shoulder, I felt somehow lighter, more open. It was easier to breathe, and I just sort of felt good about myself.

By the end of the fifteen week session, my shoulder was stronger and I was no longer in pain. More importantly, perhaps, something inside me were beginning to shift — the way I approached life, the way I thought about myself and my body, the way I was able to handle the tough things that came my way. Yoga wasn’t the miracle cure for my life and its struggles, but it had become a tool by which I was able to meet those struggles in a more present and resourceful way.

What guides me as a yoga teacher is pretty simple:

1. You have the right to experience a wholehearted life.
2.  Your body, your heart, and your mind each deserve compassion and attention.
3.  Life is hard. Courage and resiliency are must-have’s in this dance. You have them both.
4.  Going it alone is miserable — connecting with others makes all the difference.