who want you to flourish

Peter Riley / LGSW

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Therapy is a vessel for a client to reach and achieve their personal goals. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to create, implement, and achieve their goals with the help and assistance of their therapist. As a therapist, I am passionate about partnering with individuals in a one-on-one or group setting to support them in their therapeutic endeavors in any form that may take. Building and maintaining a healthy, safe, and positive rapport with my clients is of paramount importance to me and something I truly enjoy. I have experience working with children, teens, and adults of all ages. I specialize in working with individuals and families who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, behavior challenges, executive functioning disorders, and ADD/ADHD.

I attended American University for my undergraduate studies and then earned my Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore with a clinical focus on mental health. I have been working in the mental health field for 8 years and utilize a treatment approach consisting of individuals, families, and group settings. I am an avid reader and learner and continue to seek out the latest literature and information in the mental health field while also continuing to attend training and workshops to remain at the forefront of new and innovative clinical interventions.