Frandi Mars, DNM, INHC, LCSW-C, recently completed her Doctorate of Natural Medicine, has been an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach for the past 11 years, and a Licensed Certified Social Worker for the last 27 years. Frandi has a passion for helping people restore their health and well-being using a powerful and integrative approach towards wellness. Through lifestyle modifications, nutrition and dietary interventions, and using a natural approach to healing, she guides her clients each step of the way, creating an environment for healing and support for their particular unique needs.
Frandi works with clients who are dealing with auto-immune disease, digestive issues, chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, and food allergies. When working with children she focuses on “chronic” health issues and/or behavioral issues (ADHD, anxiety) and developmental delays. As a result of her post-doctoral studies in Functional Medicine, Frandi is now able to dig even deeper to uncover the root cause of your symptoms or “dis-ease” walking her clients towards the path of healing from the inside out. Everyone’s biochemistry is different so her approach to your well-being includes education, empowerment and support, will be unique to you.
After working with Frandi, you will clearly know how to take a proactive role in your health. Know that the body has an inherent ability to move in the direction of HEALING given the right tools and support. Frandi is here to show you the way.

For the past 25 years as a social worker, her experience includes intensive case management in Child Welfare Services, Behavioral Health and Crisis Intervention, clinical work with children, teens and adults. As an Integrative Health Coach for the last 11 years, she specializes in working with children, teens and adults who have depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, disordered eating, health related issues, auto immune issues such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and/or are dealing with a personal crisis. As a Doctor of Natural Medicine, she uses a holistic and integrative approach in her clinical work by incorporating the mind body connection, therapy, nutrition, dietary intervention, energy work and natural healing modalities.

For more than 25 years I have committed my personal and professional life to working with people to ease their pain, feel empowered, and learn to love themselves. During this time,I have had gained invaluable experience in a number of clinical mental health capacities. I am privileged and proud to offer clients a uniquely holistic approach to counseling and wellness.

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