Don’t let tough times stop you. Our licensed professionals work with individuals, groups, and families through offering a supportive environment where feelings can be explored together – to move forward with their lives. Our professionals are trained to use a wide range of therapies so that you feel more connected to yourself.


Find the root of your problem to process blocked feelings.


Recognize negative behavioral patterns to overcome them.


Stay present and rooted with our mindfulness classes in Olney Maryland.


Focus on healing the mind and body together for abundance.


Working with children and kids to process blocked feelings.


Working with troubled teenagers and guiding them on the right path.


Educational, psychological and neuro-psychological testing at Flourish is provided by our licensed psychologists. Testing helps us diagnose the problem, develop treatment plans, and assess the need for medications.

During the initial consultation, our psychologists assess the nature of referral question and develop a battery of tests specific to the individual needs of our clients. A feedback session is scheduled following the testing phase; the results for which are presented as a written psychological report.

Testing mainly determines: 504 and IEP (Individual Educational Plans), ADHD, educational achievement, intellectual abilities, and learning disabilities.


Have a loved one who cannot visit the Flourish center? No problem. Our experts can also guide over a video call.

Life is a roller-coaster ride. There are moments of ups and downs and it’s during the down phase that

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Individual Therapy for Adults & Children

Getting support from an understanding source is critical.When you were a child, what did you do when you

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Group Psychotherapy for Adults

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY PROGRAMS Marriage and Family Therapy addresses the behaviors of all family members and the way

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Marriage/Family Therapy

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