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When you were a child, what did you do when you felt sad?

You climbed up to your mother and found solace in her warm hugs.

You weren’t afraid to seek help from pain and confusion.

So, what changed when you grew up?

Getting support from an understanding source is critical – and at Flourish, we can help unblock your emotional, psychological, and spiritual knots through our adult group therapy programs. Our warm, accepting, and non-judgmental atmosphere will help you connect to your inner strengths and empower you to implement the changes you’ve always envisioned in yourself.

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Flourish’s group counseling activities for adults are extremely effective in addressing a range of challenges and mental health issues in adults. So, if you’re looking for a therapist in Maryland, you’ve come to the right place.

Our ongoing series of sessions and activities for group therapy extends emotional support, understanding, and encouragement to all participants. It’s common for adults to gain self-confidence through a shared group therapy session. The group therapy process can be pivotal in assisting individuals to heal from a variety of psychological and emotional struggles.

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Personality issues

Abuse and trauma

Anxiety and depression groups

Anxiety disorder support groups

Bereavement group

Relationship issues

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

CBT group therapy Bipolar help groups

Attention deficit disorder

Emotional support group

Group therapy for trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Health anxiety support group

Group therapy activities for adults with substance abuse

Led by Flourish licensed, certified behavioral health therapists, our psychotherapy groups gain insight into their own behaviors and thoughts. They also benefit from suggestions and by supporting others. Through shared group therapy ideas, participants muster clarity on their struggles and overcome them in the best possible way.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css_animation=”fadeInUpBig”][vc_column][boc_spacing height=”40px”][boc_heading html_element=”h4″ alignment=”center” color=”#227590″ css_classes=”heddingfirst”]Is a support group right for you? Call Flourish today at (301) 570-4050 to find out.[/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h3″ color=”#227590″ css_classes=”heddingfirst”]How can group counselling activities help me?[/boc_heading][vc_column_text]

Often times, we’re too close to a situation to see clearly. At first, groups for mental health might seem intimidating. Of course, who in their right mind would want to get up close and personal with adults?
On the contrary, group therapy can be extremely beneficial. They provide support, act as a sounding board, propel you forward, and promote social skills. Just as sharing is caring, sharing is healing too. Flourish has some of the best therapists in Maryland, who can help you piece your life back together.

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Reiki Level II Training

Have you enjoyed the wonder of how a Reiki session can help you feel freer from your everyday stress? Would you like to share this experience with others? The term, Reiki, comes from Rei and the word Ki. Rei is the higher wisdom of the universe available to all, and Ki is the life energy […]

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Mindful Art Mondays

Enjoy creative self-expression and learn mindfulness skills while working on a variety of mindful art projects. This process will help deepen your self-awareness and creativity and teach you strategies and techniques to manage stress and anxiety. This workshop includes guided meditations, written reflection exercises, and optional group sharing to help you turn inward. Each week […]

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Rest, Reflect, and Reset – Teen Mindfulness Group

Bi-Monthly Group for teens ages 13- 18 The group will focus on learning skills to self-regulate through mediation, mindfulness, movement, and breathwork.   It is a safe space for teens to gain confidence in a community of their peers. 6 sessions for $108 $20 1 Session The group will be led by Marni Ratner, Breath Facilitator, […]

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We’re here for you! Call us today to set up an appointment.

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