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Marriage and family therapy programs in Olney, Maryland

Marriage and Family Therapy addresses the behaviors of all family members and the way these behaviors affect not only individual family members, but also relationships between family members and the family unit. We have clinicians trained in providing counseling to couples and families dealing with a variety of challenges and life struggles. The therapist will help you learn to identify individual family roles and behaviors that contribute to conflicts, identify specific challenges, and explore ways to actively resolve issues. Individual therapy for one or more of the family members may be recommended if underlying mental health issues are found to be present.

Marriage and family therapy near me are often sought for:

Our services are particularly helpful for resolving trust issues, preparing individuals for life-turning events such as a divorce or death, counselling relatives in coping with mental health issues, and realigning relationship dynamics to the betterment of the couple.
Our family and marital therapy training professionals create tailor-made programs, marital therapy exercises, and family therapy activities to make way for constructive discussions that center around healing and mutual growth of every family member.

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Frandi Mars, LCSW-C, has been a Licensed Certified Social Worker specializing in clinical practice for the last 28 years.Frandi has a passion for helping people restore their mental health and well-being using a powerful and integrative approach towards their mental wellness. Through ongoing clinical therapy, she guides and inspires her clients each step of the way creating an environment for healing and support for their particular unique needs.
Frandi works with clients who are dealing not only with anxiety and/or depression but also with clients who are struggling with chronic health problems which can impact someone’s mental health. Our mind and body are truly connected.

Frandi’spast experiences include intensive family preservation and case management in Child Welfare Services, Behavioral Health and Crisis Intervention, clinical work with children, teens and adults for Montgomery County Government.
For more than 28 years I have committed my personal and professional life to working with people to ease their pain, feel empowered, and learn to love themselves. During this time,I have gained invaluable experience in a number of clinical mental health capacities. I am privileged and proud to offer clients a uniquely holistic approach to counseling and wellness.


Therapy is a personal experience and means something different to each of us. Therapy can open your mind to viewing a situation differently or gaining a unique perspective you did not have before. The most significant part of the therapeutic process is developing an effective relationship with your therapist and gaining support through identifying how you can create a positive life for yourself.” Lauren has several years of experience working with emotionally disturbed adolescents, transition aged youth, incarcerated youth and youth living with chronic mental illness.


Therapy is a vessel for a client to reach and achieve their personal goals. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to create, implement, and achieve their goals with the help and assistance of their therapist. As a therapist, I am passionate about partnering with individuals in a one-on-one or group setting to support them in their therapeutic endeavors in any form that may take. Building and maintaining a healthy, safe, and positive rapport with my clients is of paramount importance to me and something I truly enjoy. I have experience working with children, teens, and adults of all ages. I specialize in working with individuals and families who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, behavior challenges, executive functioning disorders, and ADD/ADHD.

For more than 25 years I have committed my personal and professional life to working with people to ease their pain, feel empowered, and learn to love themselves. During this time,I have had gained invaluable experience in a number of clinical mental health capacities. I am privileged and proud to offer clients a uniquely holistic approach to counseling and wellness.



Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor experienced with clients across the lifespan and in multiple treatment settings. Her journey as a therapist began in 2009 as a certified addictions counselor and transitioned to mental health therapy after graduating with her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Rachel currently works full-time as a mental health therapist within the public-school system helping special education students achieve their goals through therapy, classroom collaboration, and advocacy.

In her part-time private practice, she helps children, adolescents, and young adults manage anxiety, depression, ASD, and ADHD; build self-esteem; overcome school challenges; and move smoothly through life’s transitions. In sessions, clients may explore and overcome these struggles using cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, movement, creativity, music, and humor. Her knowledge of the public education system makes her a valuable advocate for students with educational challenges.

Rachel serves as the Co-Chairman of the Behavioral Health Task Force with Children’s Oncology Services, gives seminars on mindfulness, and is developing a web series.


Susan Holliday is a clinical social worker who has been practicing psychotherapy for over 35 years. Her experience includes individual, group and family work with adults, adolescents and children. She also has worked in clinic, hospital, school, substance abuse and private practice settings. She taught Counseling and oversaw the Field Practicums in the Mental Health Associate program at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, MD for over 10 years. She also taught Psychology of Creativity at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. She is open to using a wide array of therapy techniques to help her clients of all ages understand how to heal themselves from trauma, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.




Susan has worked in holistic medicine for several years practicing acupuncture and helping clients increase healthy living habits. She earned her Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, focusing on adults struggling with cognitive decline, marital difficulties and loss. Her psychotherapy practice focuses on strengthening the well-being and coping methods for helping clients reach their goals. She employs Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused approaches among others.


Are you going through a life transition that has led you to feel lost, alone, hopeless, or fearful? Or are you are struggling with anger, sadness, anxiety, or concentration and don’t know where to begin in order to feel better? I am a passionate therapist that is focused on building your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of empowerment in order to reduce symptoms of depression, trauma, and anxiety. I am committed to exploring different techniques to cater to your needs that work best for you to successfully manage life stressors.
I am skilled in Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness, Expressive Therapeutic Art, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Strengths Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology and other eclectic approaches.

Benefits of marriage and family therapy

If you care about the people around you, at some point of time, you will look for ways to improve your relationship with them. Marriage and family counseling is the way to go about it – to resolve conflicts and encourage communication to strengthen relationships.

Strategies that resolve conflicts Strengthen bonds among your family members
Forster positive family relations Restore trust and respect among your family members
Improved communication skills Equip yourself to cope with family illnesses in a better manner
Become more articulate in showing respect and support to your family Develop patience and understanding towards for family members

Therapy assists people in resolving misunderstandings easily and more calmly. It also facilitates reserved people in opening up and talk about their feelings so as to bridge the communication gap with others.

Family and marital therapy techniques cultivate healthy behaviors

A direct result of marriage and family counseling is improved mental and physical health. Sometimes people initiate a therapy because their partner or family member is struggling with destructive, toxic behavior. A good counselor starts a dialogue and provides a nonjudgmental, safe space to the partner that encourages them to move towards a healthier behavior.

Flourish counseling team is a group of seasoned professionals who are passionate about what they do. Their dedication to help you and your family stems from the love they have for their family. They speak from experience, genuine compassion, and an attitude of never giving up on you or your family.

Strengthen your family’s bonds!

Marriage and family therapy techniques

Our clinicians employ an assortment of marriage and family therapy concepts and methods to address a range of issues within families. They prefer considering the entire family rather than an individual.

  • Behavioural marital therapy
    Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT is a common form of talk therapy. It asks participants to identify, reframe, or challenge negative thoughts differently. CBT is generally a short-term treatment and is effective for depression, mood swings, and phobias.
  • Narrative therapy
    Sometimes, people are too close to a problem to figure out a solution. People grappling with mental health issues or trauma might come up with narratives that paint them in a negative light. Our professionals help them rewrite their personal narratives as part of their family or marital therapy treatment plan and develop healthier ways to steer them.
  • Family systems therapy
    This form of therapy emphasizes that family is an emotional unit. It suggests that the behavior of individual family members is inseparable from the family – and if one member changes their behavior, it will impact the entire family over time. Our professionals use family therapy techniques in form of individual and group sessions so that everybody gets to voice their struggles and work through their issues.
Strengthen your family’s bonds!

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