Sleep Well, Live Fully Awake or Better Sleep Better Life

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?

Has your problem with sleep affected your overall health and wellness?

Are you ready for consistent, quality sleep?

Lack of sleep directly affects how we think and feel. While the short-term impacts are more noticeable, chronic sleep deprivation can heighten the long-term risk of physical and mental health problems.

This package is for anyone who is experiencing insomnia or any type of sleep difficulties. Our program offers effective, non-drug treatments for adults and children with sleep difficulties.

In our experience, many people with sleep problems continue to suffer because they are unaware of the many non-drug ways to improve sleep. There are many factors affecting sleep including, diet, stress, and hormones. We offer a variety of short-term treatments that are sleep-focused and are based on scientific knowledge of how sleep is regular.

Sleep Package Includes:

  • 90 Minute Life Coach Session (Wheel of Life Assessment) (value $250 if Purchased individually)
  • Health and Nutrition Assessment - Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach(value $250 if Purchased individually)
  • Acupuncture Session (value $125 if Purchased individually)
  • 60 Minute Breathwork for Rest Session (value $125 if Purchased individually)
  • 90-Minute Mindfulness Training Session for Sleep ($175 if scheduled individually)
  • 60 Minute Yoga Therapy Session(value $125 if Purchased individually)
  • 60-minute Putting it ALL together with Andrea to move forward and keep feeling good ($priceless)

TOTAL VALUE of  Services if Purchased Individually OVER  $1225

$897 One Time FEE

or 2 Payments of $475

90 Minute Life Coach Session (Wheel of Life Assessment) (value $250 if Purchased individually)Package takes an integrative approach to help you manage your sleep issues. You will start with an in-depth assessment from Andrea Lopes, Health and Wellness Coach, who will get to know your particular needs and work with you throughout the process. At this session, your other treatments will be scheduled.

Health and Nutrition Assessment - Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach
(value $250 if purchased individually)Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach Next, you will receive a thorough health and nutrition assessment by our Integrative Natural Medicine Coach, Frandi Mars.
Acupuncture Session
(value $125 if Purchased individually)Our Acupuncturist, Dr. Julie Park, will perform a customized acupuncture session based on your unique needs. Acupuncture can optimize blood flow, oxygen, energy, and vital nutrients in the body by gently inserting hair-thin sterile needles into specific acupuncture points. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing powers.

60 Minute Breathwork for Rest Session
(value $125 if purchased individually)You will meet with Marni Ratner, our resident Breath and Energy specialist, to learn how to access your breath to better support your specific needs. Through Breathwork, we learn to navigate how to up-regulate and down-regulate our emotions and senses. We create a path to experience our world with more flow and ease. Breathing promotes healthy blood flow, releases toxins from the body, and aids in getting restorative sleep.

90-Minute Mindfulness Training Session 
($175 if scheduled individually)   During this session, you will work with a mindfulness instructor who will teach you mindfulness skills and show you how to incorporate them into your daily life. Mindfulness is a state of intentional, nonjudgmental focus on the present moment that has been proven to improve mood and decrease anxiety, leading to better sleep.

90 Minute Reiki/Energy Work Reiki
($125 if purchased individually) healing is based on therapeutic touch, which involves energy transferred from the practitioner’s hands to help the body’s ability to heal and encourages a mind-body connection. Reiki is also an energy healing technique that restores the flow and balance of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. Physics has indicated that everything, including our bodies, consists of atoms and molecules, constantly moving and vibrating at different frequencies. For this reason, when Reiki energy healers target our body’s own frequency, they can release blockages and restore the normal flow of energy throughout the body.

90 Minute Custom Flourish Plan to Continue to Feel Good in the Skin You’re In & Review Session with Andrea.  Flourish’s team will work with you to create your Custom Vitality Plan to include a series of recommendations to help achieve your health and wellness goals. You’ll leave with a road map to living life at 100%. Your Custom Vitality Plan is designed to identify any potential nutritional deficiencies, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual issues that are affecting you. We will then integrate certain services, therapies, and nutraceuticals. Our practitioners will streamline your experience by managing and coordinating your treatments and give you the support you need to achieve your goals

If appropriate, Andrea may also suggest other options that are outside of Flourish. She will work to find the best possible treatment options for you. You will be learning and experiencing many beneficial

TOTAL VALUE of  Services if Purchased

Individually OVER  $1300

$897 One Time FEE

or 2 Payments of $475


What others are saying about Flourish Counseling & Wellness

Mindy Wagner

Andrea Lopes has created a safe and welcoming , healing environment for her clients and community. Her group of practitioners brings various modalities to this integrative practice.

Tom G. Olney, MD

Review for Diane Occupational therapist: We have been using Diane to treat our son for several years now. She is a great OT and PT and has done wonders for our son who suffers from quadriplegia and aphasia from a TBI. She is such a cheerleader that everyone who uses her loves the care and attention she provides.
Highly recommended!

Carolee Rowse

I have been attending weekly Mindful Art Classes for over a year at Flourish and have enjoyed every minute of it! In addition, I have attended a few of their Free Wellness Wednesday workshops and evening Move My Chi Classes. I’ve learned a lot about Mind/Body/Spirit wellness and have integrated it into my everyday life. The people I have met in the workshops and the staff have all enriched my life in many ways. Flourish is a warm, welcoming, safe place. I highly recommend exploring all they have to offer!

Gale Mundy

I have been a client of Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center since its inception. I have participated in Flourish workshops, Mindful Art, Mindful Conversations for Difficult times, and nutritional counseling. All are very beneficial. Over the last two weeks, I suffered migraines. Dr. Park came in on her day off to give me an acupuncture treatment. I felt immediate relief. I will be forever thankful to Dr. Park and Flourish. Thank you for teaching the many effective methods of dealing with lifes many challenges.

Arthur Pendragon

I’ve been attending various groups and counseling sessions through this place and I always come out the other side better for it. Andrea in particular has always been a great friend of the family and gives wonderful advice.

Matt Whorral

I cannot thank this center enough for their support and their expertise. I’ve undergone Reiki treatments and attended many classes here, and the staff is very knowledgeable! Highly recommended!

Rachel Oppenheimer

I worked as an intern at Flourish Counseling and Wellness for a few years and it was an incredible experience with highly trained staff. The therapists are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I learned so much about using creative ways to help clients. For example, they offer so many unique workshops that I enjoyed taking part in leading, such as mindfulness art therapy. There are a variety of groups coping skills workshops, yoga classes, and nutrition workshops too! This place amazes me and can help so many people with a variety of needs. Highly recommend!

Trish Twiford MAC., LAC.

Flourish Counseling & Wellness is a wonderful place, full of healing energy. Andrea Lopes is a wonderful therapist, and has made a big impact on the lives of many of my patients. Their space is beautiful & you will feel right at home. Highly recommend!


I’ve been Marcia Welch’s Reiki client for several years. She has amazing insight and talent; a true healing gift. I’m always impressed how good I feel after one of her Reiki sessions. I’m so glad she’s sharing this healing at Flourish now since it’s closer to my home!

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