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Welcome to the world of Talk Yoga, a unique, exciting, and creative curriculum of speech-language therapy designed to target expressive language, receptive language, pragmatic language, articulation, and executive functioning skills. Talk Yoga is designed to meet each child at his or her developmental level to establish, boost, and enrich their language skills. We use carefully constructed Talk Yoga tune-ins, flows, articulation poses, games, songs, and other activities to meet the needs of your developing yogis. Mindfulness practices are integrated throughout, helping yogis with their developing attention, focus, and self-regulation. Techniques such as breathing, guided relaxation, and meditation help to lay the groundwork for pre-learning skills. We tap into social-emotional development by incorporating emotional vocabulary, peer interaction, and positive self talk while fostering acceptance, confidence, and communication. Talk Yoga is not your traditional yoga class. We TALK, we LAUGH, we MOVE, and we PLAY and we will use positive behavioral supports to help yogis be successful at any level. Carryover activities will be provided so you can bring the power of yoga into your home, as well. So let us express, play, learn, and empower! The suggested age range for this session of Talk Yoga is 3-7 years old. NAMASTE!

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Jessica Hawkins, M.A., CCC-SLP is a nationally certified and state licensed speech-language pathologist with 12 years of experience of working in pediatric settings. Jessica received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Maryland.

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