Vicktoria Molokin, LCPC

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Life can be difficult, stressful, overwhelming and confusing particularly when you don’t feel like you have adequate coping skills, support, and encouragement from your environment. Perhaps you are going through a life transition that has led you to feel lost, alone, hopeless, or fearful. Or maybe you are struggling with anger, sadness, anxiety, or concentration and don’t know where to begin in order to feel better.

I believe that healing begins with a nurturing, safe, authentic, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship to explore difficult experiences and learn how to practice effective techniques to reduce distress, find relief, and gain insight on how to heal yourself so that you can build a healthy path to reach your fullest potential.

I am a passionate therapist that is focused on building your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of empowerment in order to reduce symptoms of depression, trauma, and anxiety.

I offer outcomes that are geared to help you live the life that you want to live. I help bring out the strengths you have within you to live your optimal self. I am committed to exploring different techniques to cater to your needs that work best for you to successfully manage life stressors.

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