Wellness is What We Choose to Be

Consciously leading wellness in our own lives isn’t a matter of just eating healthy foods or getting enough sleep. It is a deep, personal commitment to empower wellbeing for yourself and, through your example, the lives of others. You lead wellness every time you…

…experience beauty and wonder in your daily life.
…seek opportunities to expand your viewpoints and beliefs.
…feel inspired by your work and use your work to inspire others.
…grow through life’s constant change.
…respond to problems out of calm, knowing that kneejerk reactions can create more troubles in the long run.
…contribute joy where you live and work to amplify wellbeing for others.

Whether as a parent, sibling, workmate, boss, partner, citizen or friend, every role you play is an opportunity to be a wellness leader

How to Emerge as a Wellness Leader

Quiz: Are You a Wellness Leader? 

Assess yourself on these eight statements, with 1 being “not at all” to 5 being “always.” There is no right score for this quiz. Your total score reflects where you are today and provides ideas for growth on your wellness leadership journey.

  1. I give myself permission to take care of my personal wellbeing.
  2. I use lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating, physical movement, rest and breathing techniques, to balance my physical, emotional and mental energy.
  3. I tend to bounce back quickly when setbacks and disappointments occur.
  4. When I get too stressed, I take life-enhancing actions to relax or calm myself.
  5. I am optimistic about my future over the next five years.
  6. I bring passion and purpose to my life and work.
  7. I make wellness an everyday priority for myself and the people around me.
  8. I intentionally contribute to the wellness and happiness of others.

Scored 27–40: You are a wellness leader, empowering wellness for yourself and others.
Scored 14–26: You are striving to make wellness central to your life and work.
Scored 13 or below: You have an opportunity to tap into more energy, resilience and wellness in life.


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