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Wellness Services

Flourish Counselling and Medical Centre provides an array of wellness services to its clients. Just like psychotherapy, our wellness coaching services are offered between a skilled service provider and a self-help practitioner, like you. The collaboration is social in nature, with a variety of additional services based on the wellness therapy services that you undertake.

How do wellness health services from Flourish offer exponential value to you?

Communities – Fostering better community spirit
Our experienced network of healthcare providers and wellness services can benefit large residential blocks – bringing residential communities together to promote community and individual wellness services.

Schools – Healthy, happy, and more active students
Look beyond conventional medical check-ups to nurture the health of your students proactively. Choose school programs from our list of wellness services to assess your students through wellness psychological services and nutrition experts.

Corporates – Higher productivity, happier employees
Several businesses have benefits from our wellness consulting services that provide a holistic and engaging health experience to employees. Want motivated, proactive, and more productive employees? Look no further than Flourish’s wellness clinic services.

Emotional Well-Being Through Essential Oils, Yoga and Tapping

Instructors: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C and Kathi Doan, RYT 200
Cost: $35/person

In this 1 ½ hour workshop you will cultivate a self- help toolbox which promotes emotional health and wellbeing:
Learn yoga poses aligned with balancing and centering the mind-body-spirit

Learn how essential oils are used for a vast range of emotional wellness applications

8 Week Mindfulness Program for Teens ages 13-16

Instructor: Andrea Lopes, LCSW-C
Cost: $280 for 8 weeks

This program will help teens learn simple yet effective mindfulness practices. Teens will use the techniques of mindfulness to intentionally focus awareness and observations of their own emotions and behaviors from moment to moment. Teens will learn how to accept all emotions, to let go of negative self-judgements, the differences between helpful and unhelpful ways to cope with stress, methods for doing tasks/homework mindfully, strategies for mindful stopping/taking time before reacting, and the differences between self-care and being selfish.

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